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Tensile structures, tension structures, fabric structures, complex civil structures, pool and parking protective coatings, portable barriers, various pergolas, umbrellas and tents.

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drawing, and three-dimensional design

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Introduction to Afra Company’s products

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

What is a fabric structure?

Fabric structures are a modern type of lightweight structures. In these structures, fabric coverings are used to easily create roofs with large and optimized openings.

Why use a fabric structure (tensile structure)?

Fabric structures or tensile structures offer advantages and benefits for various applications, some of which include:
Affordability: Fabric structures generally have a more affordable price compared to buildings or other structures. This can serve as an economical solution for some needs in temporary spaces or applications that require more speed and flexibility.
Easy transportation: Fabric structures are portable and compact, making them easy to assemble, transport, and install. This feature can be very useful in emergencies or for events that require speed in installation and repair.
Temporary option: In some cases, there is no need for permanent buildings. Fabric structures can be used as a temporary option for occasions such as events, exhibitions, or temporary activities.
Short construction time: Installing and constructing fabric structures typically requires less time compared to permanent buildings. This can be very useful in situations where time is limited.
Overall, the choice of fabric or tensile structures depends on the needs, environment, and various conditions, and they may be the best option in some cases.

Does a fabric structure require a foundation?

Yes, fabric structures, due to their stability and resistance to various loads (such as wind and snow), require a foundation and connection to the structure.

What factors affect the price of a fabric structure (tensile structure)?

The price of fabric structures depends on several factors, including:
Size and dimensions: The size and dimensions of the tensile have a significant impact on its price. Larger tensiles with more features usually have higher prices.
Quality of materials and manufacturing technology: The materials used for tensile construction and the associated production technologies directly affect the price. Tensiles made with high-quality and durable materials typically cost more.
Additional features: Features such as waterproofing, resistance to wind and rain, ventilation systems, windows, doors, and other additional amenities can also affect the price.
Brand and manufacturer: Some brands and manufacturers of tensiles may have higher prices due to their reputation, quality, and after-sales service.
Need for accessories: Additional expenses such as furniture, lighting, heating and cooling systems, and other accessories can add to the price of the tensile.
In general, the price of tensiles can vary considerably due to different reasons, but it can be said that tensiles with higher quality and more features generally have higher costs.

What is the duration of quality and durability of the fabric canopy structures produced by Afra?

The quality and durability of fabric canopy structures manufactured by Afra depend on the following factors:
Materials used: The quality and durability of fabric canopy structures can be directly influenced by the materials used in their construction. High-quality and durable materials can increase longevity.
Design and structure: The design and structure of canopy structures play a crucial role in their quality and durability. Canopy structures built with advanced technologies and featuring robust designs suitable for weather conditions may have greater longevity.
Waterproofing and weather resistance: Canopy structures made from waterproof materials and offering adequate resistance to wind, rain, and sunlight generally have greater durability.
Maintenance: Proper care and maintenance of fabric canopy structures can significantly impact their longevity. Using appropriate cleaning methods and maintenance practices can increase their useful life.
Considering these factors, it can be said that canopy structures made with high-quality materials, appropriate design, and weather resistance generally have greater durability. Additionally, proper care and maintenance can further contribute to the longevity and useful life of canopy structures.

What is the type of fabric used in the fabric canopy structure?

A fabric canopy or tent is used as a covering, typically made from various fabrics such as nylon, PVC-Anti UV fabrics, ETFE, PTFE, and others. This type of canopy is used for constructing various types of tents, wall coverings, roof coverings, and other temporary structures.

For more information and to receive a catalog of various brand fabrics, please contact us.

Is using a fabric canopy for car parking a suitable choice?

Yes, using a fabric canopy for car parking can be a suitable option. These types of canopies are used to cover and protect cars from rain, snow, sunlight, and other weather conditions.
The advantages of using a fabric canopy for car parking include:
Car Protection: Fabric canopies can protect cars from rain, snow, sunlight, and dust, helping to increase the lifespan of the vehicle.
UV Protection: Some fabric canopies have UV-resistant properties, which can prevent color fading and deterioration of the car’s paint due to UV radiation.
Easy Installation: Fabric canopies are usually lightweight and portable, making them easy to install and assemble.
Cost-Effective: Fabric canopies generally cost less than traditional parking structures and are used as a cost-effective option for car protection.
Ultimately, the decision to use a fabric canopy for car parking depends on the needs, environment, and existing conditions. However, it’s important to note that fabric canopies may incur some damage over time from wind and severe weather conditions and may require replacement.

The material used in a tensile awning is called?

The materials used in the production of tensile awnings and fabric can typically consist of various types such as polyester, nylon, polyethylene, and acrylic fabrics. These materials are employed to create specific features such as wind resistance, waterproofing, UV resistance, lightweight, and breathability.
Concerning tensile awnings, materials like polyester and nylon are commonly utilized. These materials serve as the outer covering of the awnings and provide crucial features including waterproofing, resistance to wind and water, lightweight, and the ability to maintain internal temperature.
When waterproof and UV-resistant fabrics are required, polyester and nylon are usually the primary materials used. These materials are often coated with special coatings such as PVC or PU to enhance their resistance to water and wind.
In general, the materials used in the production of tensile awnings and fabric depend on the intended use, weather conditions, and specific requirements of customers, and are selected based on these factors.

Do Afra company's products come with a warranty and guarantee?

The terms of warranty for tent awnings depend on the manufacturer and relevant regulations. In many cases, manufacturers of tent awnings provide warranties for their products. These warranties typically cover a specific period of time and include issues such as manufacturing defects, functional problems with the awning, and guarantees against damage caused by natural conditions such as rain, wind, etc.
If your product has a problem covered by the warranty, you can contact the manufacturer or seller and file a claim. Information regarding warranty conditions, warranty validity period, and how to send in the product for repair in case of issues is usually stated in the certificate or documentation accompanying the product.
It is recommended to carefully read the warranty terms before purchasing and, if there are any questions or concerns, to contact the seller or manufacturer to obtain the necessary information.

How is the variety of colors used in Afra company's products?

The variety of colors used in tent awning fabrics can be diverse and depends on the type of fabric used. Generally, tent awning fabrics are available in various colors such as white, gray, orange, blue, green, and even more vibrant colors like yellow or red.
The choice of color for tent awning fabric usually depends on your preference and the environment in which it will be used. Some individuals prefer to select colors that blend with the natural surroundings, such as green or gray, to harmonize with the environment, while others may opt for more eye-catching colors like orange or blue.
Ultimately, the choice of color for tent awning fabric depends on your taste, the usage environment, and your preferences.

How does the resistance of fabric structures withstand cold and strong winds?

All fabric structures are statically loaded according to the National Building Regulations of Iran. The wind speed for these structures is designed to withstand 80 km/h, and the imposed weight load is 100 kilograms per square meter including snow load.


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